PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta Starts Tomorrow – All Pre-Order Costumes Revealed

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been through several different (mostly) closed beta stages, but now the PlayStation Blog has announced that Battle Royale‘s beta kicks off tomorrow (October 16th) for PlayStation Plus members, and Vita owners. If you aren’t apart of the exclusive group of individuals subscribed to Plus, or touting a Vita, then you can download PlayStation All-Stars beta next week (October 23rd.)

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The beta’s feature list is comparable to earlier builds, and includes:

  • Characters: Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa, Fat Princess.
  • Stages: Metropolis, Hades.
  • Modes: four-player online tournaments, 2 v 2 online tournaments.
  • Cross-Play, friend inviting.

Will you be downloading Battle Royale’s beta tomorrow, or the next week? Is this one-week exclusivity enough to convince any of you to jump on PlayStation Plus?