PlayStation All-Stars Site Updated With Full Move Listings, Pre-Order Costume Pictures

The PlayStation All-Stars official site has been updated with the full move list for every single confirmed All-Star combatant. This comes at a great time, with Battle Royale‘s beta dropping today for all PS+ subscribers and people we like. The move list for each character is very helpful, as it not only teaches you how to perform each devastating blow, but also describes them in decent detail when you roll your cursor over whichever move you’re curious about. There’s lots of fun game references in all the moves – SackBoy’s grappling hook ability is called “Gripple Grapple” for instance.

The arguably most striking addition to the site is the addition of high quality half-renders (as seen above) for all the pre-order costumes. Cole McGrath’s….let’s call him ‘friend’ Kessler is looking pretty spiffy in the Cole alternate costume showcased above.

Do you plan to brush up on All-Stars move list before throwing down online?