Every PlayStation All-Stars Rivalry Seemingly Unveiled

Whether it’s been through cutscenes, interviews, magazine scans, community reports, or leaks – every PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale rivalry, has seemingly been outed in some capacity. As long as every rivalry is mutual, we have a very good idea of who’s going to be keeping who company, in All-Star’s arcade mode.

Without further adieu – here’s our full Battle Royale rivalry list, sourced with confirmations, leaks, and other degrees of evidence:

Bare in mind, this list is only partially official, and thus, strictly a rumor. Every match-up is supported by varying degrees of evidence; the Evil Cole/Fat Princess rivalry, for example, is deduced purely through the process of elimination.

I’m really digging the mature Sweet Tooth/Kratos vendetta, and the playful Sackboy/Big Daddy cross-over sounds really charming. If these rivalries are indeed legit, which are you most excited to experience?

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