Infinity Ward Claims no Voice Work has Been Done on Modern Warfare 4

Just yesterday, it was reported that video game voice actor Bill Murray revealed that he was lending his talent to Infinity Ward in the development of Modern Warfare 4. Today, Infinity Ward has squashed the rumor.

On Twitter, the Call of Duty developer shared the following: “Interesting news today, but it’s not true. We’ve not talked with any voice actors, so all news is speculation.”

You’ll notice that the developer didn’t specifically speak to whether or not a fourth installment in the Modern Warfare franchise is in fact in the works—because it probably is. Activision has yet to comment on the situation, and there’s a good chance we won’t here anything from them on this in the hopes that we’ll all soon just forget it ever happened.

Would you like to see yet another Modern Warfare title or do you want to see Infinity Ward take the Call of Duty series in a completely new direction? Let us know in the comments below.