Bad Gamers Ep 6: Batman On Why the Vita is Struggling

Put your headphones in, make sure your affairs are in order, and be ready to go to confession, because no one is safe when the Daily Reaction crew really lets loose. This week Bad Gamers Episode 6 has a staff member fired on the spot, a manager brought to tears, and more Assassin’s Creed 3. Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss tear each other to pieces, discuss Halloween hook-ups, and even find a way to talk about games during all the madness.

With things this bad, who knows if this will be our last episode – so make sure to tune in below:

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After the show make sure to leave us some comments below on your thoughts and feelings, also make sure to not let the self proclaimed “winner” of last week’s podcast get away with saying he can design a better logo. So make sure to remind him at Seb and as always you can reach Dan on his Twitter.

We got Jesse to send us this. Don’t tell him we showed you:

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