PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic Reveals Final Boss

Sony and SuperBot Entertainment are celebrating the completion of their highly anticipated brawler by unveiling the game’s opening cinematic.

If you give the video a look below, you’ll notice at the end of the clip, Polygon Man appears, confirming that the giant angular floating purple head with serve as the game’s final foe. Enjoy.

As I’m sure you noticed, the game’s opener does a great job of showing off not only each of the characters, but also the parallels that they share with their respective rival. This is easily one of the best videos I’ve seen come out of Sony in quite some time, and I really hope they use this opening cinematic as an advert for the game as well.

What do you think of the flashy new video? And more importantly, what do you think of Superbot’s decision to make Polygon Man the final boss? Let us know in the comments below. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches on November 20th.

Our very own Anthony Severino teased that he has beaten Polygon Man already, calling it an “epic battle”. Look out for his review on November 20th.