Civil War Table Coming to Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball 2

If you own a Vita (or even if you don’t), you owe it to yourself to download the ultimate pinball hub that Zen Studios has created with Zen Pinball 2. For those of you that already have it for their handheld and/or PS3, Zen Studios and Marvel have been busy working on a Marvel Pinball: Civil War table to release today with the PSN update.

Civil War is arguably one of the biggest events in recent Marvel history, running from 2006-7. In response to the proposal of the Superhuman Registration Act, Marvel’s beloved heroes are divided with Iron Man heading up the pro-registration side of things and Captain America at the helm of the opposition. There is no right or wrong answer and the team will let you pick your side when you start the game. The side you pick will alter your individual experience with the table.

During the course of the table you’ll be able to recruit allies to whichever side you choose. The allegiances of characters, which can be stolen by various actions, will affect the one-on-one battles that occur between Captain America and Iron Man. The table will also play out iconic moments from the Civil War story, which can vary according to the side that you choose and who you recruit.

Zen claims to have stepped up their game with this table, introducing stuff “you’ve probably never seen” in pinball while experiencing stories in the Marvel universe. Looking at their previously released Marvel tables, we can’t help but have high hopes.

This is just one more thing to add to the slew of content coming out today, including PlayStation All-Stars (PS3/Vita), The Walking Dead Episode 5, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage for Borderlands 2, and PlayStation Plus for the Vita. Zen Pinball 2 supports cross-buy, so if you buy one version of the table, you have it for both systems.