DICE Currently Working on Projects Other Than Battlefield

November 21, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

It looks like EA developer DICE doesn’t want to be tied down to a single franchise, as the studio has made it known that they have more than just more Battlefield in the works.

In an interview with OXM, EA Games VP Patrick Soderlund was asked whether or not the success of the Battlefield franchise will allow them to work on other, more riskier projects as well, to which he responded:

Well it depends, right? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. It’s also important for us – the DICE guys are roughly 300 people in the Stockholm studio; not all of them are working on Battlefield things, and that’s intentional, because we don’t want to become a Battlefield factory.

Soderlund went on to compare the studio to another developer at Electronic Arts, Visceral Games.

Same thing with the team in San Francisco that are making Dead Space. It’s a stunning team and they’re passionate about what they do, and they love making Dead Space. Then the answer’s ‘well, then make Dead Space’. Then we have to figure out how to sell it and make it successful.

Battlefield 4 is set to launch (hopefully) sometime next year, but seeing has how DICE is working on other properties, what else would you like to see from them? A new Mirror’s Edge perhaps?