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Daily Random: Dear Lord, What is This?

December 7, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

In what is a highly frowned upon move at PSLS, Dan is trying to have an active social life, which means tonight he’s going to a bachelor party. And no, we’re not finally tying the knot, he’s a groomsman, which I think means he gets to choose the dress. It also means a Daily Random, so read on to treat/punish yourself to another Year Book entry and a short story. Apologies in advance.

Dan: Rawr


In the beginning he created the world. He shaped landscapes, bent the fabric of reality, carving and modelling his desires. A world without form began to coalesce.

He held the whole world in his hands. And he saw that it was good.

And lo, the creator did bring forth the essence of life, the eight regions teaming with power and potential. But one region was forsaken and the creator left it barren. Another region was dedicated to watching the rest, and he filled it with his guardians.

The creator stared at his work. It was perfection, a triumph of design, everything he had dreamed. But there was something missing, it needed something more.

“Let there be light” he said, moving his hands. And there was light.

There was a knock at the door, a head pensively poked round and stared at the creator, sitting at his desk pushing the power plug into the wall. “Mr Kutaragi, is it ready?” asked the head.

“Yes” said the creator. And it was.

As Dan’s out, we’ll be recording Bad Gamers podcast on Sunday night so you’ll be able to hear all about his failed romantic attempts then. That also gives you until then to email [email protected] with stuff to be read out/answered/insulted. Or simply comment below.

Oh, and today’s the last day to enter the Far Cry 3 competition, so be sure to do that already.