Mad Dog McCree Rated By PEGI for the PS3, Website Confirms It’s ‘Coming Soon’ (Update: Digital Leisure Confirms Release Date, PS Move Support)

Update: Digital Leisure has confirmed to PSLS that Mad Dog McCree will come to both the UK and NA PSN later this month, it includes full PS Move support, up to 4 players in co-op modes, and 720p visuals.

Original Story: Mad Dog McCree, one of the first live-action light gun games to hit the market, has now been rated by PEGI (the Pan European Game Information board) for PS3, meaning that an EU PSN release shouldn’t be too far behind. Adding to that, publisher Digital Leisure’s website lists Mad Dog McCree as ‘coming soon’ to the PSN, possibly pointing towards a North American release as well.

Being that it is a light gun game, and that previous ports have come to the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and iOS devices, it would make sense if the PSN version was given some sort of PlayStation Move support. We’ve reached out to developer Digital Leisure about any information regarding the game and we’ll update this post when we hear back.

If the name Digital Leisure rings any bells, it’s because they are the guys who have helped to put the classic Dragon’s Lair on over 60 different consoles, a very crazy number!

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[Screenshot taken from the Wii release]

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