CyberConnect2 has Three “Original New Works” in Development

Asura’s Wrath and Naruto developer CyberConnect2 has a number of new projects in the works, all of which are brand-new IPs.

The studio made this announcement in a new year’s video on YouTube, which you can check out below. The entire thing is in Japanese, so understanding it may prove to be quite the challenge, but the general gist (courtesy of SGCafe) is that CyberConnect2 has three “original new works” underway.

In Japan, such a statement is often used when discussing new IPs, so expect a handful of brand-new franchises from the creative minds at CyberConnect2 to be announced later this year. Those still holding out hope for an Asura’s Wrath 2 shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet either, as the studio still plans to support its existing franchises as well (see Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3).

Are you excited to see what wacky new experiences the team comes up with next? Let us know in the comments below.