Watch the Whole First Stage of Asura’s Wrath

Due out in February, CyberConnect2 and Capcom have some new video footage to show players keeping their keys on Asura’s Wrath. Although the gameplay shown only covers the first few minutes of the game, it’s action-packed, and looks like it tosses you right in with the bulls from the get-go.

Here, we can see the game’s entire first stage being played through, in a pair of videos. Part 1:


Part 2:


A demo of the game will be available on the Japanese PSN Store on January 10th and will feature two playable stages. PSLS interviewed the director, CyberConnect2’s Seiji Shimoda last year, and you can check that out here or look at a few screenshots here. It’ll be released in both North America and Japan in the same week, hitting North America on February 21st, and Japan on the 23rd.