Limited Edition White 500GB PS3 Bundle Confirmed for North America, Arrives this Month (Update 3: Best Buy USA Lists the Bundle)

It was just over a month ago when we let you know about Amazon listing a brand new White PS3 Bundle with 12 months of PlayStation Plus for January 29th, which has since been removed, but it has now appeared on Future Shop’s website, showcasing a January 27th release date and $299.99 price point.

The only difference between the two systems is that the one listed on Future Shop’s website doesn’t include 12 months of PlayStation Plus, though you do get $30 towards God of War: Ascension if you pre-order the bundle from them.

Just in case this listing was an early leak, here’s a tweet @FS_Gamer sent out recently confirming that the White PS3 Bundle is real:

Introducing the white #PlayStation 3 Slim 500GB Limited Edition console! You digg?

Update: Best Buy Canada has also listed the White PS3 Bundle, giving us a glimpse of the box and confirming 1 year of PlayStation Plus:

Update 2: EB Games is now taking pre-orders as well, listing it for two days later on January 29th.

Update 3: Best Buy USA has now posted a listing for the Crystal White PS3. [Thanks Jon!]

Since this story is just breaking, we’ll update this post as we hear more information about other retailers carrying this and if PlayStation Plus is included, so stay tuned to PSLS for all the updates.

What do you think of the White PS3 Bundle? Will you be getting it? Let us know in the comments below.