Canadian and Mexican PlayStation Owners can now Browse the PlayStation Store Online (Update: Works in USA Now Too, Walkthrough Video)

Update: The US version of the online store works now as well! Check out this walkthrough video:

Original Story: European PSN users have had access to the PlayStation Network’s online store for over a month, and now everyone in both Canada and Mexico (English, Spanish) get access to the service as well, but it looks like Mexican gamers can only browse at the moment, while Canadian gamers can buy whatever they desire.

As for PlayStation owners in the United States, the site does list options for you, though when you go to select them, you’re met with this:

Since there is that option, it shouldn’t be too long now before everyone in the USA can buy their PlayStation Network games from the comfort of your computer.

As for my first order of business within the SEN Canadian online store, I went and checked out the pre-orders section and found poor Metro: Last Light. It currently has a false date of March 15th (a Friday), which will hopefully be changed soon, and a false publisher in THQ, which will likely be replaced by Deep Silver.

My second search was to make sure the site would actually allow me to buy something, I went with the Mad Dog McCree demo, and it worked!

Will you be using the SEN website to buy your games now? Or to just browse? Let us know in the comments below.


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