Classic White 500GB God of War: Ascension Console Bundle Arrives in the UK on March 15th

SCEE announced today that, unlike the Garnet Red PS3 in North America, UK gamers would be able to purchase a Classic White 500GB PS3 Super Slim God of War: Ascension Bundle when the game launches on March 15th. While the UK PlayStation site doesn’t have any information about this bundle, Amazon UK is listing it for £249.99.

Included within this bundle will be a Classic White 500GB PS3, the God of War: Ascension Limited Edition controller (which you can also buy separately), and a copy of the God of War: Ascension Special Edition, which has a steelbook package, audio soundtrack, Double XP Multiplayer unlock, an exclusive PS3 theme, and a PS3 avatar.

What do you think of the bundle? Will you be spending your money on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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