Square Enix Teases Murdered: Soul Suspect, Coming to PS3, 360, PC

Square Enix has announced a new game for current gen consoles titled Murdered: Soul Suspect through a teaser website.

The website here does little to explain what the game is, other than that it’s coming to PS3, 360 and PC. Going to /evidence and typing in Ronan gives the above image (as discovered by NeoGAF), along with this message:

O’Connor, male, mid- 30s, 170lbs, 5’ 11”

Detectives aren’t supposed to get bloody knuckles, but I’ve done a lot of things I wasn’t supposed to do. I lived through it all, the beat-downs, the back-stabbing, disrespect most people wouldn’t see in ten lifetimes and I never lost a fight… until now.

According to the image metadata, it was taken Feb. 25, 2014 (possible release date?), and was taken in Southern Nevada.

Combining other images teased on Twitter brings the bell symbol (also seen on the site) on the birch tree:

A whois search of Murdered.com reveals the domain is registered to Naoto Sugiyama, a senior manager at Square Enix, while the Twitter account follows Square London. We then checked the site for cookies and found harvester.netops.eidosinteractive.com:

Square has simply said that it’s “an exciting new game from Square Enix which challenges players to solve possibly the hardest case of all.”