Square Enix Avengers

Fans Think Square Enix Is Teasing Its Avengers Project

Sometimes. a die-hard fan base does what they can to try and will things into existence. We’ve all been there, but more often than not, these acts are far fetched and can lead to disappointment. That very well could be the case with an upcoming superhero game fans have been dying to see more of. As you might be aware, Crystal Dynamics is working on an untitled Avengers project, which has been in the works for years now. It’s set to be published by Square Enix, but as you may know, the publisher has a knack for announcing things a little too early. (Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Kingdom Hearts III come to mind.) Recently, the publisher tweeted out a couple of images with some information about their upcoming E3 presentation, which you can see below.

What fans are speculating has stirred up some controversy among the gaming community. If you look at the colors inside the frames of each image on the left and right, you’ll see orange, purple, green, and blue, which are four of the six Infinity Stone colors from The Avengers. As a result, fans are thinking that we’ll see one more tweet with the frames featuring yellow and red, which will complete the full color palette and point to a possible Avengers announcement at E3.

You can be the judge of whether or not that could hold up, but aside from the colors in a tweet, we very well could see an official look at the Avengers project at this year’s E3. It’s been quite a while, so the timing may be right. Although we don’t know much about the upcoming game, it’s said to be an emotional adventure, based on the pedigree of its staff.

E3 2019 is just a few weeks away, so we’ll know more soon.

[Source: Push Square]