Crystal Dynamics Job Listing May Tease an ‘Emotional’ Avengers Project Experience

Crystal Dynamics, known for Tomb Raider’s rebooted series, is looking for a Narrative Director. On its own, this news does not seem too astounding. However, details within a job listing for the position may point to a few interesting aspects about Crystal Dynamics’ next game, the still untitled Avengers Project. While the application doesn’t mention the Avengers, it seems unlikely the team would be focusing its efforts on anything else at present. As such, it’s possible this Avengers experience will have an emotional depth to it, not unlike a certain film currently breaking records at the global box office.

The Narrative Director application on the studio’s website appears pretty straightforward. Applicants must have 10+ years experience with AAA game development, fiction, game design, and so on, as they’ll be tasked with leading “direction of the game’s cinematic and gameplay experiences.” The crux of these experiences, it seems, will have to balance “memorable, emotional, and cinematic” moments.

If Crystal Dynamics’ future Narrative Director is indeed assigned to the Avengers Project, this title could become far more than the typical Avengers-centric gaming fare. Usually, such projects offer lighthearted fun; the LEGO titles and Marvel Heroes serve as a couple of notable examples. Might the job description’s hint at a “memorable, emotional, and cinematic experience” mean fans should expect a moving story similar to the likes of the Batman: Arkham series or Marvel’s Spider-Man? Hopefully, this question and others will soon receive an answer.

News about the Avengers Project has been quiet for some time. The last official word came from Creative Director Shawn Escayg, who merely teased in late 2018 that the Crystal Dynamics team was hard at work on a “very ambitious game.”

In addition to there being a severe lack of concrete details about the Avengers Project, publisher Square Enix has yet to reveal when the game should be expected to launch.

[Source: Crystal Dynamics via GamingBolt]