Telltale Games on The Walking Dead Season 2: “We Are Working on it and Trying to Figure Out How to Continue the Story”

Now that awards season is effectively over, the talk for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead can now shift from how awesome the first season was, to just what we can expect with the second season.

In an interview with Polgyon, Dan Connors, CEO and co-founder of Telltale Games, talked a little bit about where they are in the development of the new season:

We can’t say a lot about (season two) other than we are working on it and trying to figure out how to continue the story. That’s the main point. From there everything else will make sense.

Season one spoilers follow:

Considering that season 1 of The Walking Dead finished with ERROR, TEXT NOT FOUND, it seems like there’s a logical jumping off point for what Telltale Game could do, though it’s entirely possible they could go in a different direction. So, Dan shed some light on what they were thinking:

Anything is possible. We’re talking through different scenarios, though I don’t think we’ve talked through one where we just start with a new set of characters.

For us it’s just really important to make sure we are delivering on what people have played and liked in season one.

With REDACTED appearing in episode 1 of The Walking Dead, it represented an interesting cross over with the TV show, something which could be a possibility for season two:

There’s nothing saying our characters couldn’t cross over with their characters at some point in the timeline. It’s a very interesting concept for us.

Which character from the TV show would you like to have show up within the game? Let us know in comments below.