Lara Croft Not Being Included Within PS All-Stars at Launch “Boiled Down to Timing”, TR Split-Screen Multiplayer Exclusion “Was a Very Tough Decision”

With Kat and Emmett joining the fight in PlayStation All-Stars today, they mark the first downloadable characters for Sony’s brawler. In one of the final posts by SuperBot before they were ousted by Sony, they said we should be getting another unannounced character (or possibly characters) in March.

One many people would like to see is Lara Croft, which led forum member LaraRocks2 to ask Eidos in a recent Q&A if she will ever be in PS All-Stars and whether we may see another Lara Croft spin-off title. Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director at Crystal Dynamics, offered up an answer:

Although we loved making LCGOL, we currently have no plans in the works to make a follow up to the title. But as we say at Crystal ‘Never say Never’.

With regards to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale question. We love what the guys and girls over at Sony have achieved with ASBR, they even approached us about the possibility of including Lara. But to be honest to us it all boiled down to timing. We really set out to create a reboot where the first time you experienced playing as Lara Croft it was in our game on March 5th and nowhere else. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Another question asked whether or not split-screen multiplayer would be included, with Joe Khoury of Eidos Montreal handling this one:

No, and this was a very tough decision to make. In order for us to remain faithful to the way the game looks and allow the player to enjoy the same scenery they did in SP, we had to make a call not to include split-screen. As much as we would have loved to have it, it wouldn’t have done our world justice.

Because you can never have too much Zachary Levi in your life, here’s the latest episode of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider:

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