Ask PSLS: What Was Your Favorite PlayStation 4 Game Shown at the PlayStation Meeting?

Not stopping at just the meeting and system, the four of us at Ask PSLS also wanted to highlight some of the many games shown during the PlayStation meeting. This led to us asking: What Was Your Favorite PlayStation 4 Game Shown at the PlayStation Meeting?

Chandler Wood – Indecisive (@FinchStrife)

The titles that were shown ranged from “meh” to “alright that’s pretty cool”. Unfortunately it’s going to take a little bit more than some quick demos to get me really going. For now I am pretty excited for Watch Dogs, inFamous: Second Son, Destiny, Killzone: Shadow Fall… you know, all of them… just because I can’t get them now. I really can’t wait for GDC and E3 though. I feel like that’s when we’re going to get the brunt of the software. But what we did see looked beautiful to say the least. I’m very excited for the rest of the announcements this year.

Dan Oravasaari – Insane in the Membrane (@FoolsJoker)

Given all the amazing games shown, it is hard to just choose a single title that I could say is my “favorite”, but I have been eager to play Watch Dogs since it was shown at E3 last year. The gameplay looked solid, but the interactivity with the world seems to speak to me more than the astounding graphics we were seeing in other titles. I really think it is the game to watch this year, but as it is still so early and we have a number of big events ahead of us, I doubt I will be saying that for long.

Jason Dunning – In the Zone (@Jasonad21)

Had more been shown, I’d probably be saying inFamous: Second Son right now as I’m a huge fan of the inFamous series and Sucker Punch. Since that didn’t happen, I have to go with Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sure, the gameplay didn’t seem like much of an advancement over many FPS’s on the market right now, but it looks so good! The lighting, textures, and graphics overall were absolutely stunning, showing me that the PS4 is capable of some amazing things.

I will say that Watch Dogs was a close second to Killzone: Shadow Fall in terms of my favorite, and once my graphics-goggles fade away, I’m sure they’ll switch positions.

Sebastian Moss – Inappropriate (@SebMoss)

Hands down it has to be Media Molecule’s penis sculptor, I can see the Create. Create. Share. options being very cool… Well, ok, I’m more excited for Killzone, because it’s always the game that sets the benchmark for visuals. I want my eyes to bleed. Oh and I like Knack simply because I was the first one to call it.

I’m still waiting to see a killer new IP for the PS4, but what was shown was already very impressive. I can’t wait to see what else there is at E3.

What was your favorite PlayStation 4 game shown off at the meeting? Let us know in the comments below.