God of War: Ascension Demo Out Today, Launch Trailer Shows off the Single Player

The completely new God of War: Ascension single player demo ascends to the PlayStation Network in North America today and Europe tomorrow. Your objective in the demo is to escape the Prison of the Damned, while doing these feats along the way:

  • Make your stand against a Titanic beast and its infected legions
  • Unleash your Rage in fiery explosions that burn your enemies to ash
  • Impale enemies on your chained blades and use them in combat as living wrecking balls
  • Wield the weapons of your enemies in countless new combos
  • Climb and slide your way through the chaos as the world turns upside down around you

Even though it’s a couple weeks away from God of War: Ascension‘s release day, the launch trailer has shown up, featuring a lot of single player story and action:

Keeping with the single player theme, the latest Unchained behind-the-scenes video for Ascension is focused on Kratos:

Are you going to download the demo today? Let us know in the comments below.


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