Infernal Difficulty Mode Headed to Resident Evil: Revelations, Trailer Shows off how Different it is

March 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

The console version of Resident Evil: Revelations is still over two months away, and ahead of that, Capcom has detailed something new that we can expect in the game – Infernal Mode. This is a brand new difficulty that is not only much tougher than the Easy or Normal modes, it also changes up the enemy and item placement, so you never know what to expect as you walk around each corner.

To show off the differences between the Normal and Infernal difficulties, check out this video, which also features the new Wall Blister at the end:

As we detailed earlier, a pre-order of Resident Evil: Revelations from EB Games in Canada grants you the Signature Weapons Pack, but since no other retailer has any pre-order bonuses offered yet, we don’t know if that’s exclusive or not. Stay tuned to PSLS for the details as they arrive.

What do you think of Infernal Mode? Is it something you’ll be playing through? Let us know in the comments below.

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