PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 3: Voiding Dan’s Warranty

Welcome to the third episode of Morning Wood. In this episode, Seb tries to get me to void Dan’s warranty, I test out how I’d look in a sweater vest with no shirt underneath, and you get a bonus ‘gun’ show at the end. In reality I was just wishing there was more relevant news as I went crazy from having to play 40+ hours of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. I also announce the winner of last week’s Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC giveaway and we find out that I am not actually Sebastian Moss. I’m much too ruggedly handsome for that. Did I mention that I try out a new co-host thanks to a recommendation from a viewer? You’ll also learn the definition of a ‘London Reeses’, and for that alone it’s worth checking out the video below.*

Was my lack of sleeves all that you dreamed it would be? Have I hit the sweet spot with 15 minute videos or is the Wood too long or too short? Give me all of your critical feedback and let me know your suggestions for the show! Email me at [email protected] or follow my antics and connect with me on Twitter @FinchStrife. You can also use the comments below to praise, belittle, and give your own commentary on my commentary. See you next week.

*Note that I never actually use the term ‘London Reeses’.