LIMBO and Metrico Coming to PS Vita, Divekick and Spelunky to PS3/Vita

With the Game Developers Conference 2013 only just beginning, Sony has already kicked things off by announcing two PS4 games, and now they’ve shown some love for the PS Vita and PS3.

First off, critically acclaimed and much-loved PSN (and XBLA/Steam) title LIMBO is set to come to the PS Vita later this year. Nothing else has been announced or shown about the game, or whether it will have any exclusive content (the above pic is a mock up). Next up, Sony announced Metrico, a Vita exclusive that “delivers an innovative experience in an atmospheric infographic world, utilizing the PS Vita controls in a new way”, from developer Digital Dreams (click on images to fullscreen):

Iron Galaxy Studios is set to bring the two-button fighting game, Divekick, to PS3 and PS Vita later this spring, and has released a few screens of the title in action:

Joining Divekick on PS3 and Vita will be the Independent Games Festival Award Winner and randomly-generated cave explorer Spelunky, which will have “new exclusive features”:

Sony also reiterated the large breadth of independent titles coming to the PSN this year, such as Pub Fund titles Sportsfriends, Guacamelee! and Dragon Fantasy Book Two, along with titles like Ibb & Obb, Hotline Miami, Luftrausers, Velocity Ultra, Thomas Was Alone and Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge.