Kojima Productions Los Angeles Wants to be “the Top Creative Development Studio in the World”

At the tail end of ‘The Core of MGS: Ground Zeroes‘ panel at GDC today, which started off with the awesome Metal Gear Solid V announcement and then quickly went into over an hour of technical speak, Kojima Productions Los Angeles was revealed (after being spotted in job listings last year).

Located on the Hercules Campus at Playa Vista, they detailed the Kojima Productions philosophy:

  • Surprise and excite people with high-value entertainment that surpasses generation boundaries.
  • Create products with critical acclaim and that succeed commercially

Then the specific goals for Kojima Productions Los Angeles were outlined:

Our Vision

Creat the highest quality interactive entertainment which brings deep emotional experience

Our Mission

Become the top creative development studio in the world

Our Values: Quality

Game experience comes first

Our Values: Collaboration

Cutting edge technology, innovative art style, evolving, interactive gameplay design, supported by promoting creative environment

It was also shown that the logo for the Los Angeles studio would be exactly like the one at the top of this post, except in red, and that Kojima Productions in both LA and Japan were hiring, but sadly, Moby Dick Studios isn’t.

What do you think of them opening up a new studio? Let us know in the comments below.