PS3 Exclusive 5 Star Wrestling Announced

With the WWE game franchise hanging on the ropes since the THQ fallout, with future releases being published by 2K Games, it was time for a new contender to enter the ring… And in this corner, hailing from Dundee, Scotland, is developer Serious-Parody with their PS3-exclusive 5 Star Wrestling.

Despite being a newcomer to the PlayStation 3, Serious-Parody has plenty of experience with Wrestling games, having release the best iOS wrestling management game on the App Store. They’re bringing their expertise to the PS3 platform via the PlayStation Network.

5 Star Wrestling boasts the most moves in any wrestling game, with nearly 200 moves per character. It’s not all show, this is professional wrestling, so expect the story to be told in the ring, instead of 30 minutes of mic time from some guy that could never live up to Hulk Hogan in the 80s. The gameplay is more technical and realistic, so planning attacks on particular body parts to hinder your opponents performance is a must—it’s a thinking man’s wrestling game. And Serious-Parody has a new take on finishing moves. Rather than sticking to one or two static moves per character, finishing moves can be chained and differ depending on how exhausted a wrestler is, or whether they’re a heel or a hero.

5 Star Wrestling will release this summer on the PlayStation Network. And no, you don’t have to worry about this having anything to do with April Fools, because 5 Star Wrestling ain’t no joke!