Puppeteer Gets an Official Box Art, Brand New Story Trailer, European Release Date

As we’ve previously reported, Puppeteer is going to cost $39.99 when it launches in North America on September 10th at retail and on the PSN PlayStation 3. Sony has added a couple more details to the Puppeteer, giving it a September 11th release date in Europe, where it”ll be €39.99, and adding the final box art:

They didn’t stop there either, as a story trailer, which also includes a bit of gameplay, was released today:

For more information on Kutaro’s story within Puppeteer, we’re told that we only have to wait a few more weeks.

Now that you’ve seen more of the game, will you be picking up Puppeteer in September? Or is the month already taking most of your money thanks to Grand Theft Auto V and Killzone Mercenary? Let us know in the comments below.

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