Fuse Won’t Have an Online Pass or Microtransactions, Demo Coming Before Launch

Insomniac Games’ Fuse releases this May in North America and Europe, and the developers created a FAQ for the game following a recent livestream. Some of the information you may already know, some you might not, but either way, we’ve placed all the notable answers below in fabulous bullet point form:

  • You can play the entire game solo, with one friend, with two friends, or with three friends
  • You can play split-screen with one other person, and if you so choose, the other 2 characters can be controlled by online friends
  • If you decide to play solo, Insomniac made the “AI bots helpful, but not kill stealing jerks.” You also have the option of switching between any character at any point with the push of a button (they call it the LEAP feature)
  • Fuse supports drop-in/drop-out co-op as long as you allow friends to join when you start your game, then they can instantly take control of an AI bot (no loading)
  • Aside from the campaign, there’s Echelon mode, “an offensive wave-based co-operative mode across 6 different maps”
  • They decided to change the art style of Fuse, from Overstrike, because the tone of the game shifted and they wanted to go visceral with the weapons. “The result is a better game.”
  • Even with the change, Fuse will still be humorous, just in a more sophisticated way
  • There will not be an online pass, though they do ask you to buy the game new to support them since “there are no microtransactions to make up for it.  :D”
  • There will be a free demo closer to game launch
  • The characters heads are cut off on the Fuse box art because “the game’s core focus is on the Fuse-powered weapons and the way you can combo them with each other. So, we wanted to make them front and center.” This answer mirrors what Ted Price previously said.
  • The reason why they won’t make a new Spyro game? “Because he has no hands.”

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