FIFA 14 Given September 24th Release Date and PlayStation Vita Version by Amazon (Update: PS2 and PSP Versions Listed by Ultima)

Update: Ultima, the retailer who correctly predicted the Skyrim Legendary, has listings for PS2 and PSP versions of FIFA 14. We’ll put the odds of this happening on the lower end of the spectrum, but you never know, they could be included in those “additional platforms.”

Original Story: EA gave out a few details when it came to FIFA 14 last week, including a ‘Fall 2013’ release date on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, while also saying that “additional platforms will be revealed in the months ahead.”

Well, it looks like has revealed some information on those two topics, as they give FIFA 14 a release date of September 24th in North America (pointing towards either a September 20th or 27th date in Europe) and they also add the PlayStation Vita as one of the platforms the game is appearing on.

Since FIFA 13 was on the PlayStation Vita, this isn’t too surprising, so an announcement from EA about this Vita version should be happening somewhere in the near future. Now, we just wait to see if FIFA 14 is coming to PS4 as well…

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