PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: May 4th & 5th, 2013 – Sleepy Edition

Yesterday brought us the news that Sleeping Dogs would be added to the North American Instant Game Collection on Tuesday, yet no one at PSLS decided to sleep or doing anything with their dog this weekend in celebration. Instead, here’s a pic of Seb’s tiger sleeping.

Anthony Severino – Only 2 E’s in His Name (@Sev_Anthony)

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be playing anything this weekend. Although I will be soon. I’ll be playing PS4 games. That’s right. Jealous?

E3 is just around the corner, and some pre-E3 events are even sooner. Unfortunately, though, I won’t be able to talk about what I’ve seen until after E3 has begun. Imagine how difficult it is to sit on information and excitement like that, but having to keep your lips sealed.

Chandler Wood – Cheap (@FinchStrife)

I just picked up Injustice: Gods Among Us for the $35 Toys R Us deal and have been getting really into (read: frustrated) that game. Some of those challenge missions are going to be an absolute bitch on my road to Platinum, but I finished the challenge tower on Mortal Kombat, so I know I can persevere and complete it. Aside from that I don’t have any specific plans for what I’ll be playing. Maybe some Zombie Tycoon on the Vita if the opportunity presents itself?

Dan Oravasaari – Vectorman (@FoolsJoker)

It feels like I never have any time to play games over the weekend unless I am doing a review, and since I am currently not, this weekend won’t be any different. But I will be checking out Iron Man 3 on Saturday, handling the normal Bad Gamers workload, and continue to fumble around Unity3D until I am king of the vectors.

Jason Dunning – Future Splash Contestant (@Jasonad21)

Since nothing new has come way in terms of games to review (I expect that to be a different story next week), I’ll be diving into Soul Sacrifice and sacrificing all my weekend time to it.

Jesse Meikle – It’s-a-me (@Jesse_WM)

I’ve finished up Guacamelee!, and I’d love to shoot for the Platinum. However, I still have to finish up God of War: Ascension so I can move onto BioShock Infinite. If I don’t have both of these games done before The Last of Us comes out, then I’m gonna feel pretty bad. Also, I’ve been acquainting my brother with the sweet taste of alcohol lately, so, we’re probably going to play a drinking game rendition of Mario Party and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale today.

Louis Edwards – BMX XXX (@ftwrthtx)

Since I’ll be hitting the road to a BMX National in Bakersfield this weekend, I’ll be limited to watching and videoing the races or playing my Vita. DOA 5+ and MLB 13 will both be on tap, and I may have to jump in to some Guacamelee!.

Sebastian Moss – Man Blocker (@SebMoss)

I’ll be at the cinema with Dan watching Iron Man 3 and filling myself on popcorn that I’ll immediately regret buying because it tastes horrible. I’ll also be playing the ‘block the view of the person behind you’ game, which is always fun.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.