God of War 1 & 2 HD not “Slated” for US PlayStation Plus “at This Time,” Says Sony Following Price Gaffe

In case you missed the excitement yesterday, Sony had listed both God of War 1 HD and God of War 2 HD as free on PlayStation Plus, shortly after the PlayStation Store had updated. They caught on to this error pretty quickly, as the games went back up to the $14.99 PS+ price in about an hour or so.

With these two games going free, it prompted more than a few people on the PS Blog to wonder if this was a precursor of what we can expect on PlayStation Plus soon. Morgan Haro, Knower of all Things PlayStation Plus at Sony, shot down any expectations by saying that there’s “nothing slated at this time” for either of them to be added to the Instant Game Collection.

Meanwhile, over on the PlayStation forums, Morgan acknowledged that this was “a thing that happened, and was an error, but just one of those things.” At the same time, he also confirmed that for anyone who “did get the game, they will be able to keep it, and there will be no retroactive charges.”

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