Ask PSLS: What Did You Think of the Xbox One Reveal Event?

Having just recently wrapped up this morning (or afternoon, depending where you are), the big Xbox reveal revealed the Xbox One – Microsoft’s next generation console that will be made available “later this year.” So, for this Ask PSLS, we look at what the competition did and ask the PlayStation LifeStyle staff: What Did You Think of the Xbox One Reveal Event?

Cameron Teague – Breakable (@Cameron_PSLS)

I actually went into this with an open mind and was completely disappointed. Why do I want an Xbox to be my TV when I have a TV? Too many entertainment features and not enough games. When they finally did show games, it was mostly unimpressive, outside of Quantum Break which looked kind of cool. Did they really need to tell us that EA Sports games, which release every year, were coming to the Xbox One? I know we will see more games at E3, but this conference seemed pointless. Even the naming choice was lame, is this console a prequel?

Oh, and why rush this event so close to E3 when there was nothing special?

Chandler Wood – Simple (@FinchStrife)

The reveal of the Xbox One made it obvious that Microsoft was taking some cues from what some saw as Sony’s mistake as they showed the console (which honestly isn’t terribly flattering). The event also focused way too much on the ‘entertainment box’ factor and gimmicky tricks like being able to talk to it or use gestures to perform functions. The few games that were focused on were also disappointing. One exclusive that we know nothing about, sports titles (multiplatform), a driving sim, and Call of Duty (also mutiplatform).

The short duration of the event should have had less focus on sports, TV, and saying, “Xbox, make me a damn sandwich,” and more of a focus on the games and gamers. The event seemed quickly cobbled together and done as a response to Sony’s reveal, rather than a tactical and calculated reveal like Sony held for the PS4. Also, saying that it will release “later this year” makes me wonder if they are going to rush out the system in order to beat Sony’s “Holiday 2013” launch window.

And Xbox One is a stupid name.

Dan Oravasaari – Call Me On My… (@FoolsJoker)

Well, I know this all sounds a bit biased, but Xbox One truly was a terrible reveal. As it currently stands, Microsoft will just continue down the same path of recreating the cable box instead of developing a gaming platform. This leaves gamers to now watch movies, sports and be able to call friends like never before (not counting the telephone I’m guessing), instead of doing what counts, gaming. More in tonight’s Daily Reaction.

Jason Dunning – Disappointed (@Jasonad21)

In short, I thought it was horrible. Just taking a look at a couple of my notes during the conference, I wrote, “Way too much Kinect. Does this thing play games?” “TV Guide = PVR?” “For the first 30 minutes, they showed more Price is Right than games.” Needless to say, I wasn’t very impressed with what Microsoft was showing, and that doesn’t include the confusing name of the console.

It’s clear that Microsoft wants to go beyond games, but I buy my consoles for the games, and nothing they showed had me starting an Xbox One fund. Maybe if they’d have announced a Halo video game, and not a TV show (which didn’t have any footage), I’d be excited, but they didn’t, and I was very disappointed overall.

I guess now we wait for E3 and some of those 15 exclusive games.

Louis Edwards – Impressionable (@ftwrthtx)

First impression: Underwhelming. Second impression: The used game market will be dead with the next generation. The box seems way too big for my entertainment center and do I really need another blu-ray player? To sum it up for me: There was nothing revealed that sold me on the Xbox One. Even the name seems weird. Doesn’t the ‘One’ denote the generation? Does that mean this is a throwback model that equals the PS One?

Ryan Ordway – Ordnance Ready

Vague specs, deterring used games, no backwards compatibility, and the best they had to show was a new Call of Duty that will also be on PS4. Oh, and a Halo TV show. The rumors of Microsoft not being ready were totally true. Xbox is becoming less of a gaming machine and more of an entertainment box that plays games. I think Sony’s tactic of focusing on games and indies is going to pay off for them.

Sebastian Moss – Bring it on: All or Nothing (@SebMoss)

I feel physically sick down to my very core gamer.

What did you think of the Xbox One reveal? Do you like the name? Let us know in the comments below.