NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, UFC, and Madden NFL 25 Confirmed for Next-Gen, “All Four Will be Revolutionary” (Update 2: EA Confirms PS4 Versions)

Update 2: In case there was any confusion, EA sent out a press release that confirmed PS4 versions of FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, EA Sports UFC, and NBA Live 14 are all going to release worldwide within the next 12 months.

Update: Here’s the video for the EA Sports Ignite engine:

Original Story: FIFA 14 was confirmed for next-gen yesterday, with NBA Live 14 and UFC as possibilities, and Madden NFL 25 a likely candidate, but today at the Xbox reveal, EA Sports has confirmed that all four are headed to the next generation.

A few quotes were given about all of the games, with every single one expected “in the next twelve months,” “all four will be revolutionary” and “change the way you play,” with “EA Sports Ignite, a brand new gaming engine” powering them.

It was mentioned that a strategic partnership between EA Sports and Microsoft for the Xbox One has been struck, so it remains to be seen what that means for PS4 version of each of these games (just that Ultimate Team for FIFA 14 is exclusive to Xbox in some form), but whatever happens, we’ll be sure to let you know more information when it’s revealed later this year.

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