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Xbox One’s One Chance at Being Twitter’s Number One is One-Upped by Sony and Steam

Today was supposed to be all about Microsoft and their next generation console – Xbox One – but not content to let the spotlight completely fade away from them, Sony had a little fun today. Just like they had yesterday.

Starting with the fact that #PS4 was a sponsored trend all this morning worldwide across the whole of Twitter, the EU PlayStation Twitter account then sent out a tweet that read:

  • Also – If you haven’t seen our #PS4 teaser video, where have you been?! As it’s a slow news day… here it is.

Replying to this was Graeme Boyd, Social Marketing Manager at Xbox EMEA, who created a Twitter conversation with them that read:

Graeme (Xbox):

  • Slow news day? That the best you got? 😉

EU PlayStation:

  • Ah we never forget about the Chelsea Flower Show! Is that what you meant? I have no idea what you mean… 😉

Graeme (Xbox):

  • Dunno much about flowers, but I’ll have some blooming good news for you at about 6pm. #XboxReveal

EU PlayStation:

  • Ah that’s kind, I like roses. Best of luck! #PS4

Graeme (Xbox):

  • And to you. Enjoy the show! #XboxReveal

Since Graeme got the last word in, it looks like he won the Twitter battle, but Sony definitely won the console reveal war.

Now, prior to the Xbox reveal, Hollie Bennett, Digital and Community Manager for Sony UK, sent out this picture, with the caption, “The only boxes we care about at Sony:”


Perhaps the best Sony related tweet today came from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, who was asked by Jim Reilly what he thought of the Xbox One:

Hi Jim, sorry I was back to sleep. You asked about HTC One?

Not wanting to let Sony have all the fun, the Steam Support Twitter account sent out this:

Prepare yourself for an all-new, innovative, next-gen experience. #SteamOne maintenance planned for 16:00 PDT (GMT-7)

And finally, in what can only be described as a self-troll, the official Xbox Twitter account re-tweeted this joke from Team Coco:

The new Xbox One will feature a Steven Spielberg-produced “Halo” TV show tentatively titled “Buy Halo 5.”

What did you think of all the Twitter? Any other funny tweets you’ve discovered? Let us know in the comments below.

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