God of War: Ascension Patch 1.08 Now Live, Brings Along the Ascension Feature

Amid all the E3 hoopla, Sony Santa Monica has deployed patch 1.08 for God of War: Ascension, which is now available for download.

To see what 1.08 brings along, check out all the patch notes below:


Ascension Feature

  • The Ascension feature will allow you to reset your allegiance progression when you hit Level 40, and grant you special Ascension Tokens that may be redeemed for Godly armors and weapons. These unique, “Godly” armors and weapons are the most valuable and powerful items in the game with different stats and gold/silver versions. See article above for more on Ascension.

Player Inspect Card

  • View your opponents or teammates loadouts and attributes in-game, and compare to yours. To use, press START in game to open the scoreboard. Press up and down on the D-Pad to navigate the list. Hold Right on the D-Pad to inspect a player and compare to yours. You can also use this feature to verify once you mute people in the lobby, they are still muted in game, and vice versa.

XP Multiplier Notification

  • You will now be notified in-game when in a Double XP mode and/or any XP multiplier currently being used for your Champion.

Key Bugs Fixed

  • Allegiance Exploit (i.e. “God glitch”) Fixed – you can no longer combine weapons or armors of different allegiances with each other
  • Fixed bug where Ares Relic of Determination was too OP in Trial of the Gods mode (Stacks 2 times now)
  • Fixed Relic of Haste bug
  • Made jump spear throws blockable
  • Chimeran Armor changed to give elemental instead of physical power boost

For further details on what happens when you reach level 40, check out Sony Santa Monica’s site.

Are you going to download 1.08 today? Let us know in the comments below.