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Xbox One to Release November 21st According to GameStop Preorder Listing

With the Microsoft press conference now a few hours old, retailers have opened up preorders, giving us a better idea of when the console may release. During the E3 show, the platform holder announced a $499 price tag but did not indicate any release date other than ‘November’. But, according to a GameStop posting, the Xbox One will be releasing on November 21st.

This places the new console on the market right in the heart of the holiday season and a week before Black Friday. While we won’t know the details of the PS4 until later today, it is that the console will launch around the same time. However, whoever is first will attract the more impatient gamers out there, so it is still a big advantage to come out earlier.

When do you think the PS4 will launch? What price tag should it have? Let us know in the comments.

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