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Jack Tretton Says “The PlayStation 4 is the Most Powerful Machine, Hands-Down”

We’ve already covered the big Jack Tretton interview with GT earlier today by letting you know about AgentThe Last Guardian, and third-party DRM, but there was quite a bit of other information, which we’ve placed right here for you.

Getting the big quote out of the way, Jack said that “the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful machine, hands-down.” He didn’t just let that statement stand on its own though, as he asked everyone to talk to the third-party development community to find out which platform their games look best on.

Now, with the Xbox One $499 announcement taking place early on Monday, Tretton was asked if their pricing for the PS4 was based on Xbox One’s reveal, saying:

You can’t operate that way, you really have to execute a business plan. Competitors change over time and you can’t spend your time reacting to their strategy. You have to execute against yours.

I think we thought about the consumer value, we thought about the development community – we really wanted to give the development community a machine they could build the best games on – and we wanted to bring it out at the most consumer friendly price because we like to see a steep ramp and really get the install base going.

Laying any questions to rest, it’s “absolutely a fact” that PlayStation Plus on PS4 is required for online games, but Jack thinks “the vast majority of the people that will be the early adopters of the PlayStation 4 already are PlayStation Plus members.” Also, while you do have to pay less than $5 a month to own PS+, they are going to “invest heavily in our network and make sure that it’s a great consumer value.” This means they’ll start with “a tremendous suite of services [on PS4], but it’s going to get added to over time.”

As for the PS4Eye, they aren’t mandating it, though Jack thinks it will be an “additive experience for people who are interested in motion gaming, but it’s not part of the core experience that we think consumers need and are gonna want out the door, but I do think that there will be a lot interest behind the camera, and there will be a lot of software support for it.”

How badly do you want a PS4 right now? Do you mind having to have PlayStation Plus for PS4 online features? Let us know in the comments below.