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SCEA Trademarks Online Bidding/Auction System, Incentive Reward Program For Games, “Bid For Greatness”

Update: We also found this Greatness trademark for a video streaming platform.

Now this is interesting. On the same day as their E3 2013 press conference, Sony trademarked the phrase “Bid for Greatness”. Now you might think that it’s just a part of the marketing campaign for the PS4, Greatness Awaits, but it seems to be far more intriguing.

The trademark, which PSLS has uncovered, says:

Arranging and conducting auctions in the field of computer games, virtual game assets and tropies [trophies?]; Arranging and conducting incentive reward programs to promote the sale of computer games, virtual game assets and tropies [trophies]; Auction services; Providing consumer information in the field of computer games and video games

What on earth could this be? We’ll be sure to try to get a response out of Sony at E3, although I’m sure they’ll try to be tight lipped.

If this had been uncovered before E3, we might have worried that this was how Sony planned to share used games, but we know that it wouldn’t be the only way. However, it could be a part of “very significant step-change in the online experience” Sony promises with the PS+ enforced online on PS4. Either way, it seems tied to their ad campaign, suggesting something much greater is afoot.

What do you think it could be? Would you like a bidding platform where you could resell games? Or would you like a creation platform where you could create and sell content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.