Editor’s Letter: Greatness Awaits

Editor’s Letter is a series of ongoing articles on the state of PSLS, its future and the future of the industry as a whole.

Gosh. We made it past E3 without our servers going down, without someone trying to hack us and without resorting to half baked developing stories under pressure. Woo!

Ok, maybe I should back up a bit for anyone that’s new to PSLS after finding us during E3, or after being disillusioned by the offerings of a different platform. Welcome 🙂

Please allow me to be a little self indulgent and describe what PSLS is while conveniently leaving out any negatives – we’re a site that covers PlayStation: PS4, PS Vita, PS3 and, hell, even PS Mobile. However, we’re proudly not a fanboy site, our view is there’s no point reading news if it’s biased. If Sony, or anyone else for that matter, does something we see as wrong, we’ll tell you, plain and simple. For example, while we’re currently praising the direction Sony is taking with the PS4, we’ll continue to point out that the PS Vita is being neglected and PS Mobile is being mismanaged.

We’re also a site that has strong journalistic ethics, with us running numerous articles describing all that is wrong with games journalism. We hope to do right by you, and if you ever think we’ve done wrong, let us know.

Content-wise, we aim to cover everything you need to know, and then add less important stuff to a feature called The Catch-up that appears at the end of the day if required. Its aim is to make sure you are informed about everything, but we don’t have to clutter up the site with minor news just for multiple pageviews. Then we have Ask PSLS, where the whole staff answer your questions, and the PSLS PlayList where we let you know what we’re playing over the weekend.

On said weekends, we have the weirdly wonderful and often topless Morning Wood (our video eye candy), as well as a post detailing what’s coming out the next week. Monthly we have a look at the strange world of Japan, with Heath’s PlayStation JapanStyle, and then we have a constant stream of features from our staff and freelancers.

My personal favorite, of course, has to be the one involving me (and Dan) – Daily Reaction. Crazily ambitious, the plan behind DR is to create feature length content that you’d usually see once a week but do it every single weekday, and somehow we’ve managed to do two hundred and four of them to date. In conjunction with that, Dan and I do the Bad Gamers podcast.

But this would all be meaningless if we didn’t cover the news, and that’s what brings me back to E3.

This was my first E3 as editor-in-chief, and most of our staff were at E3 playing all the games and interviewing all the developers. We’d spent a huge amount of money on flying everyone in, booking a hotel during the area’s busiest week and feeding everyone for a week just so we could bring you the content you deserve – but it meant that the majority of our writing force were essentially unable to write news during the most important week of they year.

I’m pleased to say that we managed to not only cover the E3 news – with over 200 articles published by two people – but a significant percentage of the news was exclusive content, coverage of developer statements, trademarks or industry happenings not available anywhere else. As someone painfully aware of the multitude of gaming sites out there, this makes me incredibly proud.

And the result? The biggest week in PSLS’ history. Ever.

I know this post has been incredibly smug and self congratulatory, but I can’t help it. I’m so happy we didn’t mess up E3, I’m so happy to see where PSLS is going. I am so excited for the future.

Thank you for helping us with our journey, thank you for every article you’ve read, every story you’ve shared and every time you’ve commented on a post. We still have so much to give, so much planned.

Greatness awaits.