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Editor’s Letter: PSLS’ 2013 in Stats – 26 Million Pageviews, Our Biggest Year Ever

The future is bright. Or it would be, if it wasn’t for adblockers.

Editor’s Letter: In Which Ben Kuchera Calls Me a Fanboy, And Blocks Me on Twitter

Well that escalated quickly.

Daily Reaction: How to get into Games Journalism, And Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Some of you will think we’re being sarcastic. We’re not.

Editor’s Letter: VG247’s Official Policy of Bad Journalism

Anyone know any anger management tips?

Daily Reaction: Sizing Up Polygon’s Dragon’s Crown Review

Polygon picks a side.

Editor’s Letter: CNN Trolls Both PS4 & Xbox One as Journalism Fails Yet Again

Double trouble.

Editor’s Letter: Polygon, The Developing Story of Being First

Developing excerpt.

Editor’s Letter: Reflections on Reality

Eternal darkness of the spotted mind.

Editor’s Letter: The Sad Story of Machinima, Money and Minecraft

What’s yours isn’t Minecraft.

Editor’s Letter: Penny Arcade and the Abuse of Kickstarter

I just… god…

Editor’s Letter: Stabbed in the Backlink

Let’s get this to number one on Google.

Editor’s Letter in Progress

It’s exclusive!

IGN Suffers Layoffs, 1UP, UGO and GameSpy to Close Down

“Our goal is to do fewer things and to do them exceptionally well.”

Daily Reaction: We Review Games Journalism, Give it a C- out of 10

Game over man, Game over!

J2 Global’s Ziff Davis Acquires IGN, 1UP

IGN? Who are they again?

No, Sony Did Not Patent a New Move Controller

Sigh, not this again.

More Reports on Nothing Plaguing the Industry as Sites Compete for PS4 Hits, Not Quality

We managed to sneak PS4 into our title.

Ninja Theory Warns Gamers about Fraudulent Devil May Cry Reviews

Who needs reviews when you have masquerading opinions?