Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Confirmed for North America & Europe, Attacks PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360

Announced for Japan a little earlier in the week, Namco Bandai has confirmed that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is coming soon to North America and Europe. You’ll be able to pick it up on PS3, Xbox 360, or PS Vita, but the Vita version is only going to be a digital download in North and Latin America.

You can expect new cell-shaded graphics, expanded versus and co-op modes, which allow you to create teams of four characters to fight people across the world (allowing for up to eight characters on screen at once), boss battles, four different battle types, appearances from Special Force and Super Saiyan GOD, a variety of characters – Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, more – and attacks such as Kamehameha, Special Beam Cannon, and Spirit Bomb.

Chris Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Namco Bandai, talked a little about the game:

The Dragon Ball franchise has transcended its original manga and anime roots to truly become a cultural phenomenon. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z takes this storied franchise to the next level with its intense brawler action, crisp HD graphics, and expanded gameplay capabilities. Fans and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy this title and appreciate how the Dragon Ball Z universe is presented in the game.

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