Shahid Ahmad: “We Didn’t Announce Everything”, “Working Non-Stop on #JRPGVita”, “It’s Just the Beginning”

If your brain is still trying to process all the Sony gamescom announcements, you may need to sit down. More are on the way.

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad, who personally revealed these games today, has teased that this is “just the beginning”, tweeting:

We made a Vita statement. It’s just the beginning. Lots more to come. And now you know I keep my word. BTW Velocity 2X? Beautiful.


BTW, we didn’t announce everything. More to come over the coming months. Watch this space. Still working non-stop on #JRPGVita

The JRPG, of course, is the same one that he talked about back in July, but didn’t offer specifics on. The same Shahid Ahmad also teased an “AMAZING big title”, “not developed by an indie”, “not a port”, where “you are gonna be hooked for hours” way back in May.

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