Ask PSLS: What Do You Think of the September 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America & Europe?

Our weekly Ask PSLS that was supposed to appear yesterday has been delayed until later today, but with the announcement of all the September PlayStation Plus free games in North America today, along with the European one last week, we’re bringing you our second monthly PS+ Ask PSLS!

So, Sebastian, Chandler, and Jason were asked: What do you think of the September 2013 PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe?

North America

Chandler Wood – No Trophies?! (@FinchStrife)

PS Plus is lacking this month, though with a couple reviews to do on some hefty RPGs right now, I’m glad I’ll have more time. I couldn’t care less about PSP games in PS Plus. I never download them when they are free and they feel like a filler week, so Liberty City Stories won’t find its way onto my Vita.

I already own ICO HD (in the collection) as well as Rayman Origins for both PS3 AND Vita, so I have no need for those. Galaga Legions DX sounds like it could offer some time killing fun, and Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection has me mildly curious, but I’m not chomping at the bit to download it. Two games out of five that I will end up downloading, and those two are both “meh”? Looks like Sony didn’t want my birthday month to be a special one.

(To be fair, EU doesn’t look that much better to me. I own Assassin’s Creed III and platted the Jak & Daxter Collection fully, so I’m glad those didn’t show up in NA).

Jason Dunning – Changry (@Jasonad21)

I’m having a tough time deciding if this month is better than August…

For me, the highlight is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, even if it doesn’t have trophies. While I’ll likely be playing lots of Rayman Origins on my Vita to prep for Legends, it does make me angry that they had Origins on sale very recently, only to put it free right now (thankfully, I didn’t buy it at the time).

Then there’s Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, which I’ll never play due to the lack of PlayStation Move, and the fact that it doesn’t seem like something I’ll enjoy playing with my DualShock3. As for ICO HD, it’s nice, but I’ll never play it again and would’ve much rather preferred Shadow of the Colossus HD, while Galaga Legions DX isn’t something I can say I’m excited for.

You know what? I’m not having a tough time deciding anymore; August was better.


Sebastian Moss – Mild (@SebMoss)

Got Assassin’s Creed III ages ago, just like everyone else that wanted it. Got Jak & Daxter before it was a collection. Am already a little king. Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark just came out, so a dick move to anyone that supported it. I played the Urban demo and it killed my PS Vita.

Bring out the PS4 already.

What do you think of the September 2013 PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe? Let us know in the comments below.