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Mark Cerny Talks About How They Built the PS4: “It has What we Think it Needs”

September 16, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


With the majority of the Grand Theft Auto V festivities taken care of today, we can now move on to other topics, including one that involves an interview between Mark Cerny and OPM that took place in a recent issue of the magazine.

While most of it covered known information such as the 140 titles in development for the PlayStation 4, Mark did talk about the process of building the PS4:

What you’re doing is designing a very large custom chip board – in our case, two. That process is almost like writing a program. Chips are compiled these days. After several years of doing that, you finally get your custom chip back from the foundry and then you build prototype hardware that can look like anything. It can look like a PC, it can look like a lunchbox on your desk…

The possibility of loose wires at that stage was brought up, with Cerny continuing:

No. I mean, the very first prototypes tend to be larger, as form factor isn’t that important. So the hardware team might have some massive board with some chips plugged into it. But by the time any developer sees it, it’s [nothing like that].

Then, when asked about the PS4s lack of ports when compared to that of the launch PS3, Cerny simply said, “It has what we think it needs.”

To get to know Mark Cerny and the PS4 a little more, be sure to check out our indepth interview with him right here.

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