PS4 to be Sold at a Loss at Launch, But Will Earn a Profit Faster Than the PS3

As has become commonplace these days, when the PlayStation 4 launches this year in the United States, Canada, many European countries, and more, it will be sold at a loss.

Masayasu Ito, SVP at SCE, revealed this news to Eurogamer, where he also shot down a report from “well-placed sources” that the loss would be around $60, saying instead that they expect the average buyer to purchase the system with other items. He wouldn’t go into any further details about how many of those items someone would need to buy, just that they expect to turn a profit from a regular person’s initial purchase.

Adding some good news to all this, Ito mentioned how the PlayStation 4 will turn a profit faster than the PlayStation 3 did.

Will you help Sony turn a profit on your PS4 purchase by buying an extra DualShock 4, game, or PlayStation Plus subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

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