Adam Boyes: PS4 Launch has “Way More Content Than The Other Guys” Thanks to Indies

Adam Boyes, who first talked publicly about the PS4 originally having just 4GB, is at IndieCade right now, where he gave a keynote speech (via Gamasutra), which included discussing console exclusivity:

Right now exclusives are just a way for [console makers] to brag louder. Nobody gains from exclusivity in perpetuity.

With developers now having so many different platforms to bring their game to, and Sony wanting all developers to be successful, Boyes believes that that is what ultimately leads to games going multiplatform.

Also during IndieCade (via NeonTommy), Boyes talked about the “personal relationship” between Sony and indie developers by saying, “It is no longer just a corporation to corporation exchange, it’s a real sort of, almost friendship.” He then added, “As long as we bring visibility to these games, it will drive more creativity, more innovation and that will drive people to play the [PS4].”

“What happens when we have this great relationship with developers, we have more games,” Boyes said, “When you look at the PlayStation 4 launch, we have way more content than the other guys because of great independent content.”

Do you think we’ll see many third-party exclusives in the next generation? Or just exclusive content on multiplatform titles? Let us know in the comments below.


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