PS4 Allows for Multiple PS Vitas to be Registered, “Does not Have to be Your ‘Primary Console'”

When Sony released the digital game sharing and primary PS4 FAQ yesterday, it seemed to confuse a few people who thought that you could only use your PS Vita through Remote Play with your primary PS4.

Quick to clear up any of that confusion surrounding Remote Play, Shuhei posted a reply on Twitter, which, surprisingly, was more than one word:

You need to register your PS Vita to [the] PS4 that you want to connect to. It does not have to be your ‘primary console’.

Shuhei then confirmed that you can register multiple PlayStation Vitas to a PlayStation 4, and if you do register a PS Vita to a PS4, it can still be registered to a PS3.

What’s the first game you plan on playing through Remote Play? Let us know in the comments below.

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