Resogun’s PS4 File Size is “Well Under” 1GB, Housemarque has “Long Term” DLC and Update Support Planned

Coming to us from Housemarque (Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation), Resogun for PlayStation 4 will be available on day 1 as a PlayStation Plus free title to everyone in North America and Europe, along with Contrast.

While the digital versions of retail PS4 games are expected to be quite large, Engine Architect Seppo Halonen revealed to GearNuke that the final file size for Resogun won’t tax your hard drive:

There is nothing to worry about there. The game is well under a gigabyte, so size-wise we are rather modest.

As for the future of Resogun, Seppo added:

We have long term plans to support the game with DLCs and updates, but at this point we cannot reveal anything specific. We are looking into a lot of options at the moment.

Is Resogun going to be the first game you play on your PS4, or will that be something else? Let us know in the comments below.