Local PS4/PS Vita Remote Play Doesn’t Need WiFi/Internet

In the Mega PS4 FAQ, they implied how a Wi-Fi connection is required for PS4/PS Vita Remote Play, which left some people wondering if there was any way to use Remote Play if your internet connection was down. The Mighty Shuhei Yoshida responded:

Once you had registered them, yes. And even if the router is down, too.

Shuhei then added, “You can choose the best connection in your use case” when it comes to whether you’d like to use the router or not, with Yoshida clarifying “yes, you can choose” after he was asked if there is “a direct connect to the system à la Remote Play on the PS3.” When it comes to which connection is best (PS4 direct connect, home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi), Shuhei said, “You should try and compare by yourself.”

Switching gears, Shuhei confirmed that the PS4 has built-in hardware upscaler (meaning it’s hardware based, not software based).

Shuhei also had a little fun on Twitter, recommending that someone buy the PS4 over the Xbox One, order a PS4 over an HTC One, and he replied, “I know,” when someone said “i NEED TO LISTEN TO PORN WHILST PLAYING BATTLEFIELD” after hearing about the lack of MP3s and DLNA.

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